Bird’s Eye Chili Vs Jalapeno [Know The Key Differences!]

Shooting spice in your food? If yes, which pepper is going to make it outstanding? 

The argument on which pepper has the extreme-most heat level never gets old. We got your confusion. Let’s settle the feud then!

We thought that coming up with a vast comparison between different peppers can be interesting. 

Bird’s Eye Chili vs Jalapeno

Well, in terms of the Scoville scale, Jalapeno brings 2,500–8,000 SHU. Meanwhile, 50,000-100,000 SHU is the range of bird’s eye chile peppers. Apart from discussing these heat levels, Asian cuisine highly suits bird’s eye chilli. On the other hand, jalapeno is mainly originated in Mexico.

We will spill all the beans regarding these two peppers here.

So, spare us a few minutes and keep reading until we come to the verdict. 

Let’s begin to toast!

Bird’s Eye Chili Vs Jalapeno: A Quick Glimpse

Before digging deeper, let us help you have a quick comparison on bird’s eye chili vs jalapeno. Also, we bet you didn’t know the comparison between Serrano and Jalapeno Peppers as well! Now let’s check this out!

Comparing FactorsBird’s Eye Chili Jalapeno
OriginMexico but cultivating across Southeast Asia largelyXalapa- the capital city of Veracruz in Mexico
Hotness in Scoville Scale50,000-100,000 SHU2,500–8,000 SHU
ColorTurns red after riping, greens are also availableComes green but turns red when it ripes
Length1 to 2 centimeters2 to 3.5 inches long generally
Used In Recipes LikeKhao Soi, Sambal Oelek, Rujak, etc.Fajitas, Burritos, Hot Sauces, etc.

Confused seeing these factors? Worry not! 

Excited to learn more about these fascinating peppers? Let’s jump in!

Bird’s Eye Chili Vs Jalapeno: In-depth Comparison

Now that we know a short overview of the two peppers let’s jump into the main details that differentiate the two. 

Scoville Scale or Heat Level

The smaller one between these two- bird’s eye peppers brings 50,000 – 100,000 Scoville units. Meanwhile, jalapenos are quite a ‘baby’ pepper containing 2,500–8,000 SHU. 

Depending on the cultivation process, jalapenos go mild to hotter. In the few regions of Latin America, more than 10000 SHU of jalapenos were spotted. 

You may find some brown lines inside jalapenos that correlate with heat levels. It also forces jalapenos to create scars. However, the real punch of heat and spice can be spotted on bird’s eye peppers. 

Interestingly, fewer limits exist on the Scoville scale. Habaneros keep double SHU than the common jalapenos! Just imagine it!

Winner: Bird’s Eye Chili

Usages In Food Items

Bird’s eye chili has extensive usage in Southeast Asian countries. The list includes Thai, Malaysian, Vietnamese, Taipei, and so on. 

Here are our top picks for bird’s eye chillies: 

This short-fat chili is used fresh and dry in several items. It comes full of spice and heat from salad to curries, soups to sambals. Preparing your favorite salads or chutneys? 

Don’t forget to use this tiny pepper raw. After mixing with other food items, its spice level starts exploding! The heat and spice of it have an unsung contributor- seeds in it!

To let this pepper lead the dish, keep the below foods on your wishlist.

Khao Soi

Coming from the north of Thailand, it enriches coconut. Meanwhile, bird’s eye pepper keeps it bursting with spice. 

A combination of egg noodles and coconut milk brings up Khao Soi. Bird’s eye gets mixed with ginger, garlic, and so on to show its authentic characters here. 

Yellow Curry Paste

With carrying some easy steps, this paste suits any spicy curries, stews, or even soups.

Sambal Oelek

This recipe holds a classic flavor serving as chili paste. Various ground chilies in it come with salt and vinegar. Making noodles tonight? Here’s your ideal enhancement joining in! 


Known as an Indonesian fruit salad has already been entered into many people’s food lists. This side dish can be served as a party meal or dessert. 

On the other side, the leading Mexican pepper, Jalapeno, shows some unique cooking items. 


Fajitas and Burritos

These dishes are highly composed of heated beef, mutton, or chicken. Along with that, a mixture of various vegetables that come in tortillas makes it more delicious. 

Meanwhile, you can bring up grilled or charcoal-boiled ideas here. Picking jalapeno peppers into it brings you grilled food items. It gets grilled due to its larger size comparatively. 

Here are some jalapeno options you may want to consider: 

Relevantly, fajitas or burritos get another flavor inside these throughout jalapenos indeed. 

Stuffing With Cheese

Jalapenos bring up creamy items serving you as desserts. Deeply fried or over-cooked peppers can suit nicely with tons of cheese! 

Hosting a party? Be it on the table and say cheese!

Add To Relishes

Want some heat up in your tongue? What other items could be better than pickled jalapenos. Prepare either hotdogs or nachos, ensure to drop some jalapenos down. 

Having it at the dinner table will keep your tongue irresistibly heated.

Meanwhile, bird’s eye chili keeps active in healing arthritis. Also, you can lose some weight by consuming it. 

Reduction of blood pressure, healing gum issues, and improvement in digestion are key benefits.

Hot Sauces

Hot sauces also carry different types of salsas. Just pour your bowl with hot sauces and mix some jalapenos. Here we go! 

For a smoother consuming experience, keep it blending. It will look like delicious marinades afterwards. 

Winner: Tie

Health Benefits

Jalapenos contain lots of Vitamin A, C, K, and potassium. Having carotene is a bonus here! This component fights back your damaged cells stronger. 

Meanwhile, capsaicin in bird’s eyes chilli keeps you relieving from pain or injuries. This pepper is incredible for diet-concerned individuals. 

Losing weight or controlling blood sugar are other health benefits of bird’s eye chillies. 

Moreover, bird’s eye chilli also contains a few health benefits like lowering cholesterol and blood pressure. 

Winner: Bird’s Eye Chili 

Overall Safety Concerns

Seeds are very spicy so it’s ideal to remove if you avoid too much heat. Meanwhile, leaving the items as chopped, diced, sliced, etc. keeps the raw flavor of these peppers. 

Before cooking, make sure you don’t forget to wear gloves. Enriched with capsaicin keep your fingers spiced for a long period. 

Also, you may find your face wounded if it gets closer somehow.

Winner: Jalapeno

Final Verdict

Even though the bird’s eye pepper’s expense is bigger, so are its health benefits. Besides, you can’t resist having this pepper for the level-best heat. 

Unless you hate spice, jalapenos can barely keep you satisfied. Nevertheless, spice conditions may vary from individual to individual, and sticking to one of these is difficult. 

ChilliFeaturesWhere to Get
Bird’s Eye ChiliIt is a spicier chilli and is more expensiveBuy Now
JalapenoIt adds a distinct flavor to dishes and is relatively inexpensiveBuy Now

So, the overall winner is the bird’s eye chili

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Did The Scoville Scale Get Originated?

In the 1910s, American druggist Wilbur Scoville came up with this scale. He extracted capsaicin oil from a dash of pepper to measure the hot level. Then, mix the oil into a solution full of sugar water. Then, set the solution onto the tongues of testers. He gradually diluted the mixture with water.

Can I Eat Bird’s Eye Chili Uncooked?

This pepper is used in delicious dishes in Southeast Asian cuisines. Raw or uncooked chilies generate more heat than usually cooked dishes. Mostly, Asians consume raw. However, it leans on your forbearance to nuisance levels. But having it raw with soup noodles, etc., reduces the heat level a bit.

Can Jalapenos Help Me Lose Weight?

Jalapenos are highly enriched with capsaicin and several ingredients have capsaicinoids. As a result, this special pepper helps to boost metabolism in the body. Also, you will have fat burning by consuming it. A significant reduction in the appetite will make your diet plan more successful. 

Final Words

We tried highlighting the best factors of bird’s eye chili vs jalapeno! However, both peppers stay up to the mark if a spice comparison arises. 

While concerning the intestinal side effects of cooking, you can enjoy exceptional meals through these. 

Hopefully, you get your tummy happy!