Reasons For Cinnamon Roll Not Done In Middle

Who doesn’t like cinnamon rolls? Especially during the holiday season or a get-together. You know the kids are going to love it no matter what!

But it seems like you messed up a little. It is done from the outside but undone from the middle. Seems like a problem but not a big one for sure. 

how can you fix cinnamon rolls not done in the middle? 

Multiple factors can cause cinnamon rolls to not be done in the middle. Proportions of yeast and flour will affect the doneness of your dough. However, with the right temperature, you can ensure that it’s done perfectly. Other than that equally spreading of the crust will also help. 

You might still have a lot of questions. Don’t be concerned! Because we have a full guide on this particular topic.

Reasons for Cinnamon Roll Not Done In Middle

It can just ruin your happy mood if your cinnamon rolls don’t turn out well. It’s sometimes hard to understand the perfect temperature and quantities of the ingredients. 

Precision is really important while baking. Make sure in this case that you are strictly adhering to the cookbook you use. And how do I know my cinnamon rolls are done

You can look into many cinnamon rolls easy recipes.  A slight screw up can turn your entire recipe into a stick in the mud. 

Fortunately, the task of fixing uncooked cinnamon rolls isn’t as complicated as fixing a foamy creme brulee.

So what to do if my cinnamon rolls didn’t rise? If you find your cinnamon rolls to be not done in the middle. Then remember multiple reasons can contribute to this.  

Here are some reasons that may cause your cinnamon rolls to be undone in the middle. Let’s go through them one-by-one-

Reason 1: Uneven Yeast Proportions

Yeast doesn’t only make your flour dough fluffy but also light. When the proportions aren’t right the yeast would stop working. You can also make cinnamon rolls without yeast

Thus it can make your rolls just like flatbreads. This isn’t something anyone wants their pastry to be like!

Solution: Using Yeast Approprately

Just like knowing the number of eggs needed for brownies, You should know the right amount of yeast needed for cinnamon rolls. 

While baking at home, maintain the temperature of water and milk not above 150F. If you don’t have a thermometer it’s fine too. 

You should be able to consistently dip your finger in the warm fluids. It should be that warm only. 

If your liquid is too hot, the fermentation will die and the rise will be stopped. If the temperature is not high enough, the yeast will not be able to grow. 

Getting a good quality yeast is also important for making the perfect cinnamon rolls. Hence why we have suggested some yeasts that we swear by-

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Reason 2: Using Too Much Flour

As previously stated, accuracy is essential in this situation. A cinnamon roll can be ruined by using too much or too little flour. Let’s face it, no one wants their cinnamon rolls to be bready. 

The dough rolls will be dense and soggy if there isn’t enough flour. As a result, it comes undone in the middle. 

Then again if you put too much flour it will be dry in the middle and be undone. 

Solution: Using the Exact Amount of Flour

The trick is to add a tablespoon at a time at the end of the mixing. After each addition, check the consistency of the flour. To reach consistent results, understand how to precisely measure flour properly.

Reason 3: Temperature and Time 

Temperature is a huge factor in making properly baked cinnamon rolls. The ideal temperature for a cinnamon roll is approximately 380 degrees F. 

Or if you are measuring in Celsius then it’s around 195 Degrees C. 

Solution: Setting the Time & Temperature Correctly

The first thing that you need to do in this case is to get a good quality thermometer. You need a thermometer to measure the temperature precisely. 

If you’re looking for cooking thermometer suggestions, here are a few. These can help you to reach an accurate result. 

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Surely, this will contribute to a better outcome. Now let’s talk about the duration.

Now for the time, it may vary up to your liking. You can of course keep it softer by baking for only 25 minutes.  

If you like rolls being drier then extend 5 more minutes after. 

Be careful to not burn your rolls on the top. If you see your rolls getting burnt then cover them with a foil. Though a bit burnt rolls taste better if you are having cinnamon rolls and chili

An overheated oven can affect the rolls to brown quite fast before they’re fully done.

Reason 4: Rolls with Unequal Thickness

You might be stunned to discover that a fraction difference can make or ruin your baked goods. Cinnamon rolls that are too thick in the middle and thinner on the sides can cause it to be undercooked. 

Solution: Roll Out the Crust Evenly

Roll out the crust to 1⁄2 inch thickness if you want soft, cinnamon pastries. Roll out to less than 1⁄2 inch thickness if you want mushy, crunchy cinnamon rolls.

The rolls will have to elevate one more time before baking. If you are thinking, why do my cinnamon rolls pop up in the middle? Because it needs to be at rest after rolling. Cinnamon rolls require space during this time.   

Try placing the cinnamon rolls 2 inches away on a baking dish. This will ensure more even, full elevation and nicely done from the middle. 

Reason 5: Not Combining Enough

You don’t want a dough that’s too soft for cinnamon rolls. Of course, you don’t want a chewy cinnamon roll! 

But overmixing the dough can cause your cinnamon rolls to have lumps. These lumps can cause your cinnamon rolls to be not done in the middle. 

Solution: Avoid Lumps

First try to make sure that you mix just the right amount. Avoid overmixing the dough. 

But at the same time make sure there’s no lump left. That will make your cinnamon roll not done. 

Now how do you know cinnamon rolls are mixed? When the dough pulls away from the sides of the mixing bowl. Also tacky but not sticky to the touch, it has been properly mixed.

Salvaging Undone Cinnamon Rolls

Yes, it’s really common for a noob to make mistakes while making cinnamon rolls. Baking cinnamon rolls perfectly requires practice. 

However, you don’t have to throw away your undone cinnamon rolls just yet. Fortunately, you can fix these undone cinnamon rolls and make them into tasty treats in a few easy steps. No, you aren’t going to make small rolls again but just reuse the ruined ones.

To fix your cinnamon rolls, first, take out your muffin baking tray. Cut your semi crispy, almost raw cinnamon rolls. After that shred and place them in greased muffin tins.

Place a loose tent of tinfoil over the top. This is to prevent them from crisping up too much. Bake for 15mins at 170° Celsius or 338° Fahrenheit. Then drizzle some glaze on top, and voila! Your cinnamon rolls mini treats are done. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it hazardous to consume underdone cinnamon rolls?

Consuming raw dough containing flour or egg yolks can make your stomach upset.  

E.coli bacteria are present in egg yolks, so they should not be digested raw. Bread, cookies, and cakes should always be cooked properly before eating.

How do you determine your cinnamon roll is done?

This test involves inserting a skewer or a fork into the center point of the rolls. If the skewer stays clean then you will know it’s done perfectly. If the stick comes out with bits of crust stuck to it. Then you know it needs a little time inside the oven.

What if the cinnamon rolls don’t rise?

Cinnamon rolls must rise to form pockets of air. This process will grant the rolls a smooth texture and fluffiness. If cinnamon rolls didn’t budge rising and you continue to bake them, they will be less savory and stiffer.


That concludes this guide! Hopefully, you now understand what to do if your cinnamon rolls are not done in the middle.

A tip is to follow the guidelines properly for baking any food. Kindly let us know if you have any further questions about this article.

Best wishes, and see you in the coming guide!