Froth Milk Hot Or Cold? [6 Differences To Know]

Who doesn’t like to enjoy a creamy coffee? A coffee can make any occasion special. It removes all of your tiredness and makes you fresh too.

To make a creamy coffee, you need to make creamy froth. Froth depends on the temperature of the milk.

Should you use froth milk hot or cold?

Well, it depends on the beverages you prefer. To make hot beverages, you should use hot milk. But for cold beverages, you should use cold milk to make froth. Moreover, it also depends on the sweetness, percentage of fat, protein, lactose, and which one is easy to froth, and has more bubbles.

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It’s time to begin.

Froth Milk Hot or Cold?- Basic Differences

Do you use froth milk warm or cold? You can use both hot and cold milk for making the froth. But among them, hot milk froth has more benefits.

Can you froth cold milk? Yes, obviously you can. It’s just that they are not perfect for hot beverages. They are good for cold beverages like cold iced coffee, and cold iced drinks like Starbucks.

Let’s take a quick look between their differences so that you can choose in a better way.

FeaturesHot MilkCold Milk
For Hot BeveragesPerfectCan be used but not perfect
For Cold Iced BeveragesNot good so muchPerfect
              CreaminessMore creamyAverage creamy
Stability of FoamMore timeLess time
Amount of BubblesMoreLess

These are the clear differences between cold milk froth vs warm milk froth. But knowing them is not enough. You should also know about them in detail.

Froth Milk Hot or Cold?- Detailed Explanation

Choosing the right milk for frothing is a very important task for every kind of beverage. That’s why I have explained all the differences for you below.

It’s time to go through them one by one.

For Hot Beverages

You can use both hot and cold milk for hot beverages. But which is better?

Hot Milk

Warm milk can make the froth better. It can also increase the taste of your coffee too. It also increases the sweetness of the milk and it makes the coffee more dense.

There are some hot froth makers in the market. You can easily froth them better with the help of them. Like a quality pancake maker helps you to make better pancakes.

Cold Milk

You will not find the above features if you use cold milk to froth for them. You will find average results. Cold milk will not be up to the mark like hot milk to use for frothing here.

Winner: Hot milk is more perfect for hot beverages than cold milk.

For Cold Iced Beverages

Cold beverages are now popular among the people. They like to have them. So choosing the right froth milk is very important for cold iced beverages.

Hot Milk

You shouldn’t froth warm milk for cold iced beverages. The foam will disappear very soon in this case. 

Cold Milk

Cold milk is the best choice for cold iced beverages. It may take a longer time and the bubbles or air will be less in this case. But still cold milk is best to froth for them.

There are some cold foam milk frothers available in the market. Through them, you can froth milk easily.

Winner: Cold milk is better to froth for cold iced beverages than hot milk.


Creaminess depends on the amount of fat in milk. Fat is the main reason for the richness of the milk.

Because of fats, the milk becomes smooth and it creates a velvet texture in the milk. The more fat is in the milk, the milk will become very creamy. That’s why the taste of the milk is not watery at all.

Hot Milk

If you increase the temperature of the milk, the fat level of the milk increases. As a result, because of the increased fat, the milk becomes creamy too.

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You can get an accurate reading of the frothing temperature using these thermometers.

Cold Milk

In the case of cold milk, fat is average. That’s why when you froth them, they will not be creamy like the hot milk one.

Winner : Hot milk makes the froth more creamy than cold milk.

Stability of Foam

Protein brings stability to the surface and froth of the milk. There is almost 3.3% protein in milk. Protein is also one of the important components of milk. 

If the protein of milk increases, the foam will be more stable and stay for a long time in the froth of milk.

Hot Milk

If you increase the temperature of milk, protein increases too. As a result, the foam of the milk you have frothed becomes more stable.

Cold Milk

If you use cold milk, the foam will be less stable and stay for less time. As a result, it will disappear very soon.

Winner :The stability of foam is more in hot milk froth than cold milk froth.


Lactose is the main reason why milk tastes sweet. Like Fat and protein, lactose is also one of the important components of milk. You can find about 5% lactose in milk.

Hot Milk

 Lactose is actually a kind of sugar  or carbohydrate. If you increase the temperature of milk, the carbohydrate in lactose melts down. And the milk becomes sweeter.

So, that’s why the frothed milk will be sweeter if the milk is warm.

Cold Milk

In case of cold milk, the carbohydrate or sugar of milk doesn’t melt down. That’s why the sweetness remains average. It doesn’t increase.

Winner : Sweetness is more in hot milk than cold milk.

Amount of Bubbles

Bubbles of froth are also very important. It makes the beverages look more yummy and gives it a creamy texture too.

Hot Milk

There is one more benefit of frothing warm milk. There will be more bubbles in the foam. This makes the foam dense and the coffee will be more creamy too.

Cold Milk

If you use cold milk for frothing, you can easily notice that the amount of bubbles is not so much. The amount of bubbles is enough.

Winner: Hot milk froth has more bubbles than the cold milk one.

Final Verdict

As I have mentioned earlier, it depends on the beverages you would like to make.

For hot beverages, hot milk will be best for frothing and for cold iced beverages, cold milk will be best for frothing. 

Though you can use both for hot milk beverages, hot milk froth has more benefits than the cold milk one.

Milk frothing temperature (for hot milk 120° to 140°) is very much necessary. Increased temperature will ruin its taste. Just like too much temperature can ruin the taste of caramel extract and its substitutes.

That’s all. Now you know very well when you should froth milk warm or cold according to your need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use cold foam?

Yes, you can use cold foam for a light, non-fat and foamy drink. You can easily use them on cold brew and cold iced drinks as a top of the drink. Some people also use them on top of hot drinks. But if you use them on hot drinks, they’ll vanish very soon. So, you should not use them on hot drinks.

What are the uses of a milk frother?

You can use a milk frother to froth milk. You can use this to make any kind of delicious coffee by making the top of them. It reduces the wastage of time and makes the froth an efficient way. You can use this to make delicious hot chocolates. You don’t need to follow any conventional method for this.

How much time should you give to froth milk?

It depends on the consistency you want. If you want more consistency, it’ll take more time. Generally, it takes 20 to 45 seconds to froth milk. While frothing, you should make the frother up and down along the cup of the coffee. If you want to hold the foam, you can add some milk while serving it.

Final Words

I hope that you know now very well whether you should froth milk hot or cold

Here is a tip for you. For hot milk froth, unpasteurised milk is best for frothing and the foam is also stable from them.

Enjoy your coffee!