Is Mulberry Wood Good For Smoking Meat? [A Complete Guide]

It can be concerning when you are using an unusual wood to smoke your meat. Being skeptical about using a new type of wood is totally normal. Because nobody wants their precious meat to smell weird.

And that takes us to the question-

Is mulberry wood good for smoking meat? 

Yes, mulberry wood is good for smoking meat. Its coaling quality is quite great. It’s more like applewood, giving a sweet and earthy flavor to the meat. The smoke is also non-toxic which makes it more desirable as firewood. You can use it to smoke any meat like biff, lamb or pork.

You must be still very confused about this matter. Well, we have a lot more to offer.

Let’s head into the detailed article to clear out all the queries! 

Mulberry Wood for Smoking Meat

There are so many types of firewoods out there. And it can be a bit confusing to pick out the mulberry wood from all of them. So, what does mulberry wood look like? 

The heart of the wood is golden brown. And it gets radish or medium brown on the edge. With time, the color of the whole wood starts darkening to a more reddish-brown. And the sapwood part is yellowish-white but pale. Also, it has a straight grain and uniform medium texture.

Source: Backyard Boss

If you didn’t fixate on using this wood for smoking yet, I urge you to do so. Get a pack of J.C’s smoking wood chunk and start smoking your meat.

However, clear your doubts stay with us. I’ll be explaining why you should be getting this wood to smoke your meat.

Sweet Fragrance While Smoking Meat 

The best part of smoking meat is that the smell sticks to everything. And on the other hand, it enhances the taste of the meat. 

And smoking your meat with mulberry wood throws off a sweet aroma. As mulberry wood smell sweet, it gives a sweet flavor to the meat you’re smoking. It’s not a dominating flavor so no need to worry about that juicy smoky meat.

The aroma it throws off can be a rival of some aroma candles out there. 

Non-Toxic Smoke

If firewood is toxic that can cause serious health issues. The toxic smoke will irritate your eyes, burn your throats and even cause some lung problems. Not to mention if you smoke with it what will go inside the meat.

But if you use mulberry wood, there’s nothing to worry about. It’s totally non-toxic firewood. So, it is one of the best options in this regard.

Clean Burning of The Wood

Nobody wants ashes on their food. If you have smoked meat with firewood, you know how irritating it can be. So, you better choose firewood that offers clean burning. 

Well, you’re in luck! Because mulberry wood offers such an option. It creates comparatively less ash and keeps it within itself. And this makes it really good firewood for smoking your meat.

Good Coaling Quality

A good coaling quality is important while choosing firewood. Apparently, it tells you about how long the fire is going to last. Also, the smoothness of the lighting process of this firewood depends on this coaling quality.

And guess which firewood has great coaling quality? Yes, you guessed it correctly, mulberry wood. 

Types of Meats to be Smoked with Mulberry Wood

Mulberry is kind of like applewood and has an earthy flavor to it. This smell goes really well with poultry. However, if you want to use it to smoke beef or pork that’s cool too.

Here are some meats you can smoke with mulberry wood. These meats go perfectly well with the mildly sweet flavor of mulberry wood. 


Pork meat is kind of salty. That’s why it goes really well with fruitwood. And in that area mulberry fills the gap. Mulberry smoke gives the pork meat a nice salty-sweet flavor.

Pork ribs are one of the toughest parts to smoke perfectly. Surprisingly the texture of the rib stays perfect when you use mulberry wood for smoking ribs. The natural earthy flavor gives the pork rib another dimension in taste. 

However, fresh nicely cut ribs can be hard to find. And if you’re lazy like me then going to the supermarket is not even an option. So, here are some of the pork ribs that you can get your hands on online.

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Chicken And Game Bird 

The mildly sweet flavor of mulberry is exactly what white meat needs. But while smoking whole turkey, chicken or game birds, keep an eye on how long you’re smoking them. Apparently, 3-5 hours will be enough for your bird to be smoked perfectly.

 Source: Hy-vee


You can also smoke your soft meat like lamb with mulberry wood. Lamb has a soft texture that’s why it’s best to avoid strong earthy flavor like hickory. So you can smoke your lamb with mulberry, it will add perfect flavor.  

Though mulberry wood pallets are fine for smoking. Still, you can also try some of those wood pallets mixed with mulberry wood pallets. 

Which firewood will go well with mulberry wood? 

Mixing two or more wood gives you an alternative option. And it increases your smoking taste and efficiency. Not to mention the money you can save if you mix two of the woods together. 

Here are some of the most popular firewood that you can mix with mulberry. These woods are perfectly balanced and they are most popular in the American region. 

Mulberry & Hickory 

Hickory is one of the most commonly used firewood for smoking. It goes with every meat like pork, beef or lamb.

If you are intent on smoking a whole turkey then hickory can also be used. It gives your meat a nice balcony flavor. 

It also gives your meat a sweet, savory and hearty flavor. But you have to be careful before using hickory. Using too much hickory smoke will make your meat black and bitter.

Some people find hickory overwhelming for meat. That’s why you can mix it with mulberry wood and use it to smoke. 

The mild flavor of mulberry wood will decrease the hickory overwhelmingness. On the other hand, hickory’s strong flavor will give the meat a strong sweet touch-up.  

Here are some hickory firewood pellets that you can mix with mulberry wood.

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Mulberry & Oak 

Oak can be considered as the second most used firewood for smoking. Red oak is the most flavorful hardwood. It will give your meat a nice mild flavor. 

If you mix red oak with mulberry wood, it will give you a mild sweet flavor. 

This flavor will not be overwhelming and it doesn’t hamper the texture of the meat. It can be the best choice for you if you are cooking soft meat like lamb or rib. 

Mulberry & Mesquite 

Mesquite is one of a kind tree. Some people get loyal to this type. It is comparatively much sweeter than other trees. 

It burns so fast that’s why it can be best for quick food. If you want to smoke your steak or BBQ then mesquite can be the best option for you. Mesquite gives a strong earthy flavor and burns fast. 

That’s why it’s considered the most popular wood for barbeque in the south. 

If you mix mesquite with mulberry wood it will give you a sweet earthy flavor. It will create a versatile flavor for your smoke. With that mixture, you can smoke fruit or soft meat like lamb or rib. 

Here are some tips you need to follow before smoking your meat. That will make your barbeque or steak even more flavorful.

Tips on Smoking Meat 

When you are smoking you may notice sometimes your meat is burned. Or your meat is bitter or your meat may smell like smoke. You might be wondering, how to not smell like smoke when smoking meat. 

Here are some tips for you before you begin smoking your meat. 

  • Try to avoid the darker density smoke, it may overpower the taste of the meat. Or it can be causing a bitter or smoky taste to the meat. 
  • You should try to keep the meat moist. Because moist meat will allow the taste of the smoke to be absorbed. 
  • You should keep the lid closed. Because if you open up the lid it will hamper the temperature. So your meat may stay raw. 
  • Patience is the key to success while smoking. If you slowly smoke your meat with time it will turn out to be a success. 

So what are you waiting for, keep in mind these tips and jump to the pit! It’s time to smoke some meats. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What wood should you avoid to smoke meat? 

You should avoid using Eastern Cedar, Cypress, Elm, Eucalyptus, Sassafras, Pine, Redwood. These woods contain terpenes and sap. That’s why using these trees can cause health consequences. Here’s a thing: pine and cedar are so resinous that they can ruin the meat along with your smoker. 

Should you soak your wood chunks before smoking? 

No, you should never soak your chunks before smoking. Because soaked wood chunks have to get rid of any moisture before producing smoke. But that will dry out the meat and prevent it from absorbing smoke flavor. That’s why it won’t be able to add much flavor to the food.  

What is the best wood for smoking pork? 

Hickory can be considered the best wood for smoking pork. Pork responds very well to hickory and maple smoke. It will give the pork an authentic and lovely flavor. Also, sweet wood like apples, peach, and pecans are also good with pork. It gives a nice sweet, smokey flavor to the pork.  

Bottom Line

That’s all from me. Thank you for reading the whole article. Hope now you know all about is mulberry wood good for smoking meat. 

Mulberry wood can be a new thing for you to try. But surely it will add a new vibe to your smoking. It will make surely your meat flavorful and versatile. 

Best of luck!