How To Keep Quiche Warm [Try 3 Easy Methods Today!]

Ain’t frustrating to bite the cold quiche expecting it warm? Yes, because we all want that perfect warm bite on our quiche. But they get cold really fast.

So, how to keep quiche warm?

It’s not that difficult to keep quiche warm. Quiches have a filling and the crust. The goal is to keep the crust crumbly and the filling fluffy while warming it. You can heat up your quiches in the oven or the toaster oven. The fastest way is to use the microwave but arguably not the best one.

There are more details and steps involved in how to keep your quiches warm. I’ve given the full description of each method below. 

So, let’s take a leap of faith here-

3 Methods for Warm Quiche

Quiches are like small pies. Keeping them warm is not that difficult. It’s similar to keeping any other snacks warm. So, you can reheat your quiche quickly and keep them warm until you serve them. 

However, if you’re thinking about how to reheat quiche in oven, then it’s not that different. 

No matter which kind of quiche you eat, you’d want the filling to be fluffy. If you have a big quiche, dividing the pieces and then warming them helps.

So, let’s get to the methods of how to keep them warm- 

Method 1: Gas or Electric Oven

Reheating the quiches in the oven is the best way. You can use a gas or electric oven and make the quiche evenly warm. Inside the oven, the heat is evenly spread. So, the quiche will not become soggy.

The most difficult part is to stop the quiche from being soggy at the bottom. Usually, moisture and humidity can get collected and make the crust soggy. 

So, what to do before reheating the quiches in the oven?

Step 1: Preheat the oven

You see, preheating the oven makes sure the oven is evenly heated. An evenly heated oven will prevent soggy crusts. So, you’ve to preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. 

I always use an oven timer in this case. That’s how you can keep track of your time. Some oven timers I totally rely on are listed below-

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However, keep the timers near you. Otherwise, you might not hear the alarm on time.

Step 2: Bring Your Quiches to Room Temperature 

If the quiches were in the fridge, keep them at room temperature first. Bringing them up to room temperature is important. 

Because a sudden temperature change can make the quiche taste different.

Step 3: Use Aluminum Foil 

You need to cover the crust of the quiche with aluminum foil. The foil prevents the top of the quiche from absorbing too much heat. 

So, the crust will be flaky and the filling will be fluffy. You can also use a pie shield instead of foil. 

But be careful while choosing your foil paper. Because there are cases where the foil paper caught fire in the oven. No worries! I’m recommending some safe and good-quality foil papers below-

So, how long to reheat quiche in oven

Well, you’d need to put the quiches in for 10 to 15 minutes. However, while baking turn the heat of the oven down to 165 Fahrenheit. 

Serve the quiches after removing the foil. The foil or pie shield will be hot, so be careful while removing it. Don’t forget to use oven gloves while taking your food out from the oven.

This way you can heat up your quiches in the oven. 

Method 2: Microwave Oven

You must be wondering, how to reheat quiche in microwave? 

Well, this is the quickest way you can heat up your quiche. Even though this isn’t the most effective method, nor will the quiches improve its taste. 

In the gas or electric oven, the heat is natural. But in the microwave, the quiche is being heated directly through the ray. So, there’s a chance that the crust remains soggy at the bottom. 

Although, there’s a secret we can share with you! 

You see, using the microwave at low power mode will keep the crust crispy. Also, if it’s a very delicate quiche, reheat it at medium temperature. 

So, how to reheat quiche in the microwave?

Step 1: Bring Your Quiches to Room Temperature

Bringing the quiche up to room temperature is important. The sudden change in temperature from the fridge to the oven isn’t good. It can make the quiche smell bad or taste bad. 

Step 2: Use an Oven-safe Plate

You need to place the quiche in the oven on an oven-safe plate. Last Christmas, I got an oven plate as a gift. And I totally loved it.

However, I also bought oven plates before. Which were totally fine in quality. Well, not keeping the names secret from you. Take a look below-

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You also need to leave the quiche uncovered. Because the coverage will make the quiche collect steam. 

Next up, how long to reheat quiche in microwave?

Step 3: Heat Your Quiche for a Minute

Heat the quiche in the low setting of the oven. It’s better to heat it up for 1 minute in the beginning. 

Now, can you reheat quiche twice?

Yes, if you want your quiche warmer, put it in again for a minute.

Step 4: Serve it Warm

After you heat it up, you can cut it in half. This will help the steam escape from the middle of a large quiche. Also, serve it warm! 

Method 3: Toaster Oven

Using the toaster oven to reheat your favorite quiche is quite possible. Toaster ovens that use low power can heat up your quiches in a few minutes. I use the Hamilton Beach toaster oven in this case.

But it’s best to use for small quiches. 

However, the toaster oven has heating elements at the top of the oven. So the eggs get cooked up if you leave them for too long. Also, the crust doesn’t get enough heat, so it can stay cold. While the top of the quiche can get overcooked.

Reheating quiches in air fryer can also be an option. But it can make the quiche really dry.

So, how to reheat quiche in the toaster oven?

Well, the methods are the same as we’ve learned in the microwave section.

However, I’m mentioning again, heat the quiches in the toaster oven at 165° Fahrenheit. Also, keep the quiches inside for 10-15 minutes. 

Serve them after removing the foil from the crust. Again…be careful, the foil will be really hot.

There are a lot of other ways. But if you’re thinking to reheat quiche on stovetop, it’s not a good idea. 

The toaster oven generates most of the heat at the top.

All of these methods are to keep your quiche warm. Nevertheless, a quiche can sit around for 15 to 20 minutes before needing to reheat. 

Also, wrapping in foil and keeping it covered will keep it warm. 

How Can You Keep Your Quiche Warm Until Served?

There are some useful techniques that can help to keep the quiche warm until served. Let’s learn about them in the following sections-

Technique 1: Parchment Paper & Pie Plate

After reheating your quiche following any of the methods mentioned above, wrap it in a parchment paper. Then again wrap it with a foil paper. 

After that place the quiche in a pie dom or plate with a lid. You can choose any of the pie dom or plate mentioned below-

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These utensils will help you to keep the quiche warm. You can even serve your warm quiches in them on the table.

Technique 2: Use a Slow Cooker

You can wrap your half baked quiche in foil paper and place it in the slow cooker. The slow cooker will keep your quiche warm at low heat.

Don’t have a slow cooker yet? No worries! I can recommend some best cookers but at a very reasonable price. Don’t miss it!

That’s how you can move your warm quiche on the plate right at the meal time.

However, if you don’t know how to use a slow cooker, you can watch the following video-

Also, when we saw quiche, frittata and strata comparison, we realized an important thing. You can actually keep all these savory dishes warm in the same way we discussed above.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are All the Methods Applicable to Different Types of Quiches?

All the above methods are applicable to retain your quiche’s warmth. There are different kinds of quiches like mushroom, salmon, spinach, etc. Using the above methods or any one of them is completely okay. 

Are Quiches Good for Health?

Yes, quiches are good for your health. Because they’re full of nutritional values such as carbohydrates and protein. And the filling contains eggs, which are high in protein and omega 3. 

What is the Best Temperature to Keep the Quiches in?

The best temperature to keep the quiches in is 160 to 165 degrees Fahrenheit. You can use a dish that can keep the quiches warm until they get eaten. 


That’s everything you need to know about, how to keep quiche warm. It’s not that difficult when you follow the right methods.

Quiches are delicious food for us. Also, really healthy. 

Enjoy your delicious quiche!!