Lamb Liver vs Chicken Liver [The Better Liver]

You could be health conscious or you could just want a change in taste. Whatever it is you have to make choices. And it can be confusing to make these choices. 

Because lamb liver and chicken liver could seem the same. Although it may be, there is definitely a difference in some factors. 

Lamb Liver vs Chicken Liver

The differences are mostly constrained between the nutrients of each. There is definitely a difference in calories, protein, fat, zinc, vitamins, and so on. There is also a difference in taste between the two. There are no winners or losers. In some cases, lamb is better, in others, chicken. 

To know which meat will meet your expectations, go through the brief and detailed explanation we’ve given. 

Lamb Liver Vs Chicken Liver: Brief Overview 

Here is a quick overview through a chart. So that you can better understand the differences between lamb liver and chicken liver-

Nutritional Values Lamb liver Chicken liver 
Calories 138 calories 116 calories 
Total fat 5 grams 4.8 grams 
Carbohydrates 1.8 grams 0 grams 
Protein 20.4 grams16.9 grams 
Phosphorus 36%30%
Calcium 1%1%
Niacin 81%49%
Vitamin B121501%276%
Vitamin B645%43%
Vitamin A492%222%
Vitamin C7%30%

The above table is just a mere comparison of the nutritional values between the two. Below we’ve given a more detailed comparison. 

Lamb Liver Vs Chicken Liver: An In-depth Comparison

So far we have just given you a nutritional difference. Now we’ll not only give you the nutritional difference but also a difference in health benefits. Also a difference in how they taste.

And how you cook could also create a difference. Remember to cook properly so that the meat of the liver doesn’t turn black. 

Therefore, go through all the points and see which suits you best!


Liver normally has a bitter and metallic taste. To make it taste better you can try frying the liver. 

The taste of lamb liver is a bit more bitter and metallic than chicken. And lamb liver texture is much more tender than chicken. 

On the other hand, as you already guessed. The taste of chicken liver is the same but not so mild. But the texture of chicken liver is different. It’s more tender, smooth and creamy. 

Turns out livers are not to be consumed by humans only. Chicken livers are quite the snack for your household pets. Here are some liver treats that your pet would love: 

Winner: Chicken Liver

Vitamin A

By observing the chart we can understand that lamb liver beats chicken liver by a lot. Vitamin A in lamb liver is 50% more than vitamin A in chicken liver. So, the question is are you searching for more vitamin A?

If the answer is yes. Then you’ve guessed it, lamb liver is the one for you. If you want healthier nails, skin, hair and eyes then definitely go for the lamb liver. 

Then again taking vitamin A in a huge amount isn’t healthy. Even if it gives you immense benefits, too much of something is always bad. 

So, if you’re considering choosing lamb, it’s not a good idea to have it many times a week. But chicken on the other hand you can have more than lamb as vitamin A in it is lesser. 

Too much vitamin A is difficult to remove from your body because it is fat-soluble. 

Winner: Lamb Liver


Prices of these items vary in different places in the world. But lamb meat and liver, in general, are known to be more expensive. Even more expensive than beef. 

Provided that we can say lamb liver is more expensive than chicken liver. 

Winner: Chicken Liver

Health benefits

Lamb liver has more protein than chicken. As a result, eating lamb liver will give you more strength. Lamb liver protein per 100g is 20.4 g. And chicken liver protein per 100g is 16.9g.

If you’re an athlete, this supplement could help you perform better. From lamb liver, you’ll get better body composition, improved athletic performance and improved liver health. 

Given that liver, lamb is rich in B vitamins and selenium it has positive effects on body composition. An athlete requires energy the most. And vitamin B can do that at the cellular level.

Its low-fat and high-protein composition ensures that you’ll feel full for the longest. It’s because of all the calories you consume. You can reduce your hunger hormone levels by eating protein-rich meals, according to research. 

Lamb liver also contains anti-fatigue factors which help to improve liver health. The irony right? Eat liver to get a healthier liver. 

Like lamb, the chicken liver also contains health benefits. But its not as nutrient dense as lamb liver. 

Riboflavin, often known as Vitamin B2, is optimal for many health benefits. Fortunately, chicken liver advantages include high levels of 2, 3 riboflavin. 

Winner: Lamb Liver

Final Verdict

In this argument, lamb and chicken both go hand in hand. If you’re looking for a healthier option lamb liver would be the way to go. 

But if you’re looking for a liver rich in vitamin C, then go for chicken liver. On the other hand, do you want more vitamin A and B? Lamb liver is the one for you.

When it comes to taste, chicken liver is definitely the winner. Let’s face it, nobody likes bitter and metallic tastes. And chicken liver has less of that taste. 

Although, at the end of the day the liver will taste better depending on how you cook it.  

However, if these two options don’t seem good for you you can always try calf liver or beef liver. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Should I wash lamb before I cook it?

The liver is protected by a thin membrane. Always remove the membrane and cut the meat into little pieces after removing it. To prepare the raw liver, sprinkle a pinch of salt over it and let it sit aside for 15 minutes. After that, properly wash it to remove all blood veins.

Is raw lamb edible?

Eating raw swine flesh, liver, or other organs increases the risk of contracting a severe case of food poisoning caused by the hepatitis E virus, salmonella, Campylobacter, or other bacteria according to the American Heart Association. It makes no difference whether or not the meat is fresh.

Is vitamin A destroyed when you cook the liver?

It’s important to remember that some nutrients, such as vitamin A, can be damaged by overcooking. It is ideal to consume them with a little fat to maximise absorption. Therefore, prepare liver meals gently yet completely. Combine them with complementing ingredients to achieve the best results.


We hope you could make your ideal choice between lamb liver vs chicken liver. It is a tough decision. But, you could always try out both and see which one you like more. 

Always keep in mind that your health is the most important factor when choosing. So, think about that before you go for either lamb or chicken. 

Good luck!