How To Make Vodka Sauce Thicker [5 Tip And Tricks]

Are you cooking for the first time for someone special? You decide to make penne alla vodka, but it’s too thin? 

You wouldn’t want to disappoint your loved ones by presenting that!

So, how to make vodka sauce thicker?

The easiest way to thicken a sauce organically is to cook it for extended periods. The texture will be improved by adding extra cream. Add additional cream, then proceed to simmer until the sauce thickens. Also, cheese is an absolute essential here. However, you need to mix in the starch well.

Oh don’t worry! We have covered all the tips in detail for you in the sections. So, take a sip of your coffee and keep going!

Let’s know how to make the vodka sauce thicker in first run-

Easy Vodka Sauce Recipe

In under 30 minutes, you’ll have the best vodka sauce you’ve ever had! It’s very uncomplicated, creamy, smooth, and wonderful. It’s the ideal weeknight supper for a hectic schedule. 

Make sure you follow the proper steps. Sometimes easiest recipes can go out of hand if not made properly. However, if followed accurately you’ll be able to make a thick sauce in your first go.

Tools You’ll be Needing

We know that it’s always important to have all the essential tools to make a good dish. So, without waiting grab the equipments fast- 

Chopping KnifeGrab Now
Chopping BoardGrab Now
SaucepotGrab Now
Measuring CupsGrab Now
ColanderGrab Now
Wooden SpoonGrab Now

Ingredients You’ll be Needing

Are you done organizing your utensils? Then it’s time for getting the ingredients you’ll be needing. Let’s get them-

IngredientsQuantity for the RecipePrice
Olive oilTwo tablespoonsGet it Today
Chopped garlic cloves3 tablespoonsGet it Today
Deli prosciuttoQuarter poundGet it Today
Vodka2 ozGet it Today
Plum tomatoes1 canGet it Today
Parmesan cheese½ cupGet it Today
Heavy cream2 quartsGet it Today
SaltAccording to tasteGet it Today
Black PepperAccording to tasteGet it Today

The Process to Make Vodka Sauce

Tools, checked! Ingredients, checked! What’s left now? Obviously the cooking haha.

So, without any further ado, let’s prepare a thick vodka sauce-

  • Over medium heat, garlic should be sautéed in olive oil 
  • Sauté for a few minutes until the prosciutto is a little crispy but not charred.
  • Remove the pot from the heat and add the vodka, settling for 2 minutes (until the alcohol burns up).
  • Return to medium-high heat. And stir in the smashed tomatoes and any remaining sauce from the can. You can also make this with fresh tomatoes.
  • Season with salt and pepper.  
  • Pour in the heavy cream.
  • Simmer first, then reduce to low heat.
  • Cook for sixty minutes.
  • When removing it from the heat, whisk in 1/2 cup grated parmesan cheese. (We generally suggest using Locatelli cheese).
  • Top it over rigatoni or penne.
  • Serve hot.

But what to do if the sauce turns out very thin at the end? Don’t panic! You still have a chance. How? 

Let’s just jump into the next section to learn the techniques-

Thickening Vodka Sauce- 5 Easy to Go Methods

If you are making the vodka sauce at home, it should be thick. If you cook it perfectly, it’ll have a heavy and creamy texture. 

However, things might not always go according to the plan. In that case, luckily, a few different techniques are there to make the sauce thicker. 

Follow the steps, and you might be the Gordon Ramsay of your family!

Method 1: Cook it for a Little Longer

Cooking a sauce longer is the most simple technique for thickening. After adding the cream, make sure the sauce doesn’t boil. The vodka sauce will split if you boil it.

Method 2: Toss in Some Cheese

Take the sauce out from the heat. Then sprinkle in the freshly grated unmelted parmesan cheese. The sauce will thicken because of the additional cheese.

Method 3: Add Extra Cream

To taste, add additional cream and continue to cook the sauce till it thickens. Always remember to simmer and not boil after adding cream.

So how to make vodka sauce creamier? You can follow these same steps for making it rich and creamier.

Method 4: Add Cornstarch Slurry

Cornstarch slurry is when you mix water and cornstarch. Mix the same amount of cornstarch and water. I always use the Rumford cornstarch in this case. This is very good in quality and vegan as well. 

After adding the cornstarch mix, whisk it properly and make sure there’s no lumps. That’s why while making sauce, having a whisker is a must.

So, if you didn’t get one already, choose now-

OXO Good Grips Balloon WhiskChoose Now
Anaeat Silicone WhiskChoose Now

However, make sure you’re gradually adding the slurry into the cooking sauce while whisking constantly. Continue to cook the sauce, whisk continuously, until it’s thickened to your preference. 

Now here is a unique chef tip for you. For one cup of sauce, you wish to thicken, use roughly 2-3 tsp cornstarch.

Method 5: Add Butter and Flour Roux

Now, for this step, you’ll be needing 2 additional items than usual. Because authentic vodka sauce recipe don’t use this method. 

So, let’s order them first-

Now, in a different pan, add some butter and flour. 2tbs of butter and the same amount of flour. Fry them for 30 seconds in medium-low heat. 

Add the sauce to the roux and whisk immediately. Make sure you get rid of all the lumps, then simmer it until the vodka sauce thickens.

But you can try this because it serves the purpose.

But what if you have thickened the sauce way too much? How would you know the exact reason?

Why Does Vodka Sauce Get Too Thick? Know The 5 Reasons

Sometimes the vodka sauce gets too thick when you’re making it for the first time. This could be because you don’t have much idea about the proportions. We will let you know all the probable reasons.

  1. Added Too Much Flour
  2. The sauce and pasta ratio was incorrect
  3. Time of heating
  4. The inaccurate ratio of butter
  5. Added too much cheese 

In the next part, we will see how to thin out the vodka sauce.

How to Thin out the Vodka Sauce? 4 Effective Tips to Follow!

Sometimes, if you are making it for the first time, some things might go wrong. For example, you might make it too thick. But how do you fix that? 

Don’t worry when your sous chef is here! Follow any of the tips of your choice.

Tip 1: Add boiled pasta water gradually.

Tip 2: You can try adding some broth. You can pick any of the following broth or stock and add them to your sauce to thin it out a little.

Chicken brothPick Now
Beef stockPick Now
Vegetable stockPick Now

Tip 3: Pour milk and simmer for a minute or two

Tip 4: If none of the above items are available, add warm water 

Remember to fix the seasonings after adding any of the liquids.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create a creamy canned vodka sauce?

Creating a creamy canned vodka sauce is not that tough. Simply add half a cup of milk or cream to your canned pasta sauce. Do this just before serving, you can transform it into a rich and creamy sauce.

How do you make a less oily vodka sauce?

Make a creamy canned vodka sauce to make a less oily vodka sauce. Try to avoid adding too much oil in the beginning. A half tsp cornstarch and a couple of tbsp of milk should be mixed properly. 

What causes the vodka sauce to separate?

Few things can cause the vodka sauce to separate. Boiling the vodka sauce after adding cream makes it split. When you are adding the cream, just simmer and not boil. Sauces can curdle when cooked at high temperatures. 


So yes, my friend, here you have how to make vodka sauce thicker.

Creamy and flavorful, this homemade vodka sauce is a must-try! Tomato paste, vodka, cream, and spices make this crimson sauce the yummiest. Try a traditional recipe today and serve with penne pasta.

Make these for someone special! Take care!