Sesame Seed Oil Vs Sesame Oil: Know The Differences 

Sesame seed oil and sesame oil are widely used to bring a unique taste. Yet people get confused in choosing between sesame oil and sesame seed oil.

Because they have their own exclusivity. So it’s very important to make the correct choice.

Sesame seed oil vs sesame oil

Sesame seed oil and sesame oil have lots of dissimilarities. The types of seeds used in them are different. Then the smoke point of sesame oil is more than the other one. The difference in flavor and color is noticeable too. The functions and price of these two oils also vary. 

This is only the beginning. So, let’s get into the depth of it-

Short Comparison 

The origin of sesame seed oil and sesame oil is the same. But that doesn’t mean that the oils are also the same. 

Rather they’re very different. Sesame oil vs sesame seed oil discussion is different on almost every factor.

So before choosing the oil you have to compare every factor. This will require a huge amount of time. To save you from that, I’ve prepared a comparison table below. 

Have a look at the following table to know the differences between the oils at a glance.

Factors Sesame Seed Oil Sesame Oil 
Type of Seed Toasted/Roasted Raw
Smoke PointLowHigh
FlavorRoasted Rich Flavor Like Other Oil
Color of Oil Dark BrownLight Brown 
Used forServing with FoodCooking 
Price Buy NowBuy Now

Now you can choose sesame oil or sesame seed oil in a short time. 

Nevertheless, there are a lot of details that are absent from the table. I’ll discuss them in the next section for your convenience.

Detailed Comparison 

These two types of sesame oils can’t be used as substitutes. So the question is, why is sesame oil different from sesame seed oil? 

To answer that I’ve prepared a detailed discussion below. So, let’s get into it-

Type of Seed 

The main factor that separates sesame seed oil and sesame oil is the types of seed used. Both of the oils are extracted from seeds. But the pre-production of these seeds is not completely dissimilar. 

Just like sesame oil vs black seed oil, these two oils are also very mismatched. The sesame seed oil is produced from roasted seeds. Sesame seeds are heated to roast/toast them. Then oil is extracted from them. 

So you can get yourself toasted sesame seeds and extract oil from them. Don’t worry about finding them. Because I order these seeds now and then. 

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If you don’t know how to make sesame oil at home then watch the following video-

Now, on the other hand, sesame oil is directly prepared from the seeds. The raw seeds are used without any alterations. Oil is extracted by grinding the seeds. This pre-production is very significant for the quality of the oil.

Though toasted sesame oil & sesame seed oil are similar, sesame oil is the opposite. The oils become very opposite like olive oil vs sesame seed oil

So we can not take the issue of seed types lightly while choosing our oil.

Smoke Point

There is a certain temperature up to which the cooking oil will not burn out. This temperature is known as the smoke point. 

Toasted sesame oil vs sesame oil has different smoke points. Let’s see the reasons behind this.

Sesame oil has a high smoke point. You can safely use this oil up to 400-450° Fahrenheit. The oil will be able to take the heat and cook high-tempered recipes. 

But sesame seed oil can not retain high temperatures.

You see, roasted seeds are ground to make the sesame seed oil. This element decreases the smoke point of the oil. 

The seed oil will get burned at a high temperature. That’s why always keep a long probe cooking thermometer while cooking in sesame seed oil.

Now you can decide which is better between toasted sesame oil vs sesame oil for fried rice.


Preparation methods play a big role in the flavor of the oils. The taste of black sesame seed oil vs white sesame seed oil is diverse. Similar to that, sesame seed oil and sesame oil flavors are also distinct.

The roasting of the seeds brings a great change in the oil flavor. Hence, the sesame seed oil has a rich and roasted flavor. 

And sesame oil is similar to other cooking oils. It has a distinct scent and gives a new taste to cooked food.

I’m always particular about my oil flavor. So, to keep the original flavor intact I use the stainless steel oil containers in my kitchen. 

These containers that I’m mentioning below are the ones I use the most-

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However, don’t forget to clean the containers occasionally. Otherwise, it might start to stink if used for a long time.

Color of Oil 

One important factor that we search for in oils is color. The color of the oil determines the texture of your cooked food. 

Sesame oil and sesame seed oil are different in this aspect too.

The sesame oil is light brown. But sesame seed oil has a dark brown color.

This dark color is the result of roasting the seeds before extracting oil. Based on color, sesame seed oil can never be a sesame oil substitute for each other. 


Now let’s look at the functions of these two oils. As the color and flavors vary, the functions also vary accordingly. 

To get the best taste, you must use these oils in the correct proportions at the correct time. The best practice, in this case, would be using oil dispensers-

Sesame oil is very good cooking oil. Such oil has a great range of applications. You can use this oil in cooking, grilling, frying, and in other mediums. This oil is also popular for hair and scalp nourishment. 

However, sesame seed oil is not great for cooking. Yet there are many types of sesame seed oil recipes. 

This oil gives an excellent finishing to food. Sesame seed oil provides a rich taste when it is added while serving a dish.


Last but not least, let’s compare the price of the sesame and sesame seed oil. 

Pricing can play a vital role for many people. The price of the sesame seed oil is more than the sesame oil.

Sesame oil comes from raw seeds. So it has a comparatively lower price. Sesame oil can be bought within the range of $0.5-0.75 per fluid ounce. 

On the contrary, sesame seed oil comes at $0.75-1.25 per fluid ounce. 

You see, the seeds are roasted before making the sesame seed oil. So, this procedure increases the price without any doubt. 

These are all the factors one should consider to select between the two types of sesame oils. Now choose the best sesame oil for you. 

If you are still confused, don’t worry. Look at our opinion below to get some more help!

Final Decision 

Sesame oil and sesame seed oil have their metier. They bring different things to the table. 

So, getting the best of both oils can be tricky. For that you have to understand does sesame oil make a difference or not.

Let’s take the final decision now-

Sesame seed oil Good as a salad dressing Buy Now
Sesame oilCooking oil, rich flavorBuy Now

We think you have got a clear idea to efficiently use sesame and sesame seed oil. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does sesame oil thicken hair?

Yes, sesame oil thickens hair. Sesame oil has emollient and occlusive properties. These properties fill in gaps and create a layer on the hair for protection. 

Is sesame oil good for deep frying?

Yes, sesame is good for deep frying. The oil does not break down in the heat. This property makes it suitable for deep frying.

Is sesame oil healthier than olive oil?

Sesame oil is not healthier than olive oil in terms of the nutrients they contain. Both of these oils are unsaturated fat. So they are good for your health. But olive oil has more nutrients. 


This is all you need to know about sesame seed oil vs sesame oil. Now make your call depending upon your priorities. 

Using a single sesame oil is not enough to cook a delicious meal. Rather use the correct proportions and timings to get the best deal.

Good day!