Texas Pete Hot Sauce Substitute – 5 Best Alternatives!

You knew that it would be your all-time favorite when you tasted the Texas Pete Hot Sauce. It’s just something you just can’t go without, right? 

Suddenly, you run out of it, and it’s also unavailable in nearby stores. But you need something for the dish you’re making.  

So, What are The Best Texas Pete Hot Sauce Substitute

The closest substitute to Texas Pete Hot Sauce is the Louisiana Hot Sauce and Frank’s Red Hot. Both have a SHU of 450, similar to Texas Pete’s SHU. Other than these, the Tabasco Original Red Sauce, Crystal Hot Sauce, and Slap Ya Mama Cajun pepper sauce are also great substitutes for Texas Pete. 

I’ve got further information to help you find a substitute for your favorite Texas Pete Hot Sauce.

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Texas Pete Hot Sauce: What are its Attributes? 

So, why are we so desperately trying to find a substitute for Texas Pete Hot Sauce? What’s so special about it?

The Texas Pete Original Hot Sauce is one of the earliest established hot sauce brands that rose to popularity quickly. And the fact that it’s still so popular amongst all the new creations explains that it’s indeed special.

Being a Louisiana-style hot sauce, it’s many people’s favorite for its perfect combination of heat, tanginess, and overall flavor. 

So, what about the texas pete hot sauce ingredients?

The ingredients of texas pete hot sauce consist of vinegar, red cayenne peppers, good old xanthan gum, sodium benzoate, and water. These red cayenne peppers are aged for 2 years. 

Now you may be wondering, what is the texas pete hot sauce scoville unit?

Regarding heat level, Texas Pete Hot Sauce has a Scoville Heat unit ranging from 340 to 750. It’s mild to low-medium heat, perfect for beginners and extremely hot sauce lovers. 

Also, their perfectly fermented red cayenne peppers provide an amazing flavor that’s just unbeatable. 

The vinegar is enough to add the necessary tanginess and fresh chili pepper flavor. And then there’s salt, obviously, in the amount of 90 g sodium per teaspoon. This isn’t over the top compared to most Louisiana-style hot sauces. 

Regarding consistency, Texas Pete Hot Sauce has just the right thickness. It’s neither too runny nor too thick. It’s thinner, but you can still spread it quite nicely. 

I guess I’ve made my point about why we’re looking for a substitute for the Texas Pete Original Hot Sauce, right? 

So, let’s now see what we have in the bucket, shall we? 

Texas Pete Hot Sauce: The Finest Substitutes

Other than because Texas Pete is your favorite and you need something similar, it’s good to always keep substitutes. You can look for substitutes for malai and mayonnaise, not just hot sauce. 

Rest easy if you’re stressing over what to use instead for your favorite Texas Pete Hot Sauce. 

I will walk you through several hot sauces that are undoubtedly the best Texas Pete Hot Sauce alternatives. 

So let’s gear up and get started!

Crystal Hot Sauce

Crystal Hot Sauce is one of the most prominent Louisiana-style hot sauces. And I believe that it’s a great substitute for the Texas Pete Hot Sauce. 

The ingredients are quite simple and the same as Texas Pete’s. Aged cayenne pepper mash, distilled vinegar, salt, etc. 

In terms of heat, Crystal Hot Sauce has a Scoville Heat unit ranging from 2000 to 4000 SHU. But surprisingly, the heat you’ll get is low-medium. So although the SHU is making it look quite spicy, apparently, it’s quite similar to Texas Pete. 

Source: twitter.com

The difference with Texas Pete would be that Crystal has a slightly higher sodium level. Other than that, their consistency is also quite similar. 

Louisiana Hot Sauce

Another staple Louisiana-style hot sauce is the Louisiana Hot Sauce. And just like Texas Pete or Crystal, its ingredients are not complex.

Made with high-quality cayenne peppers, vinegar, and salt, the Louisiana Hot Sauce is great as a dip. And it’s also an excellent alternative to the Texas Pete hot sauce. 

Cayenne peppers have a high Scoville Heat Unit. But once mixed with a vinegar base, it’s toned down significantly. 

Source: cbsnews.com

The SHU of Louisiana Hot Sauce is between 500 to 1000, an upper-medium heat that most people can handle. 

However, you’ll find its vinegar flavor overpowering, which I guess is the only significant difference with Texas Pete. 

A lot of people swear by this hot sauce, as you can see-

So, the Louisiana Hot Sauce is one of the perfect substitutes for the Texas Pete Hot Sauce. 

Frank’s Original Red Hot Sauce

Frank’s Red Hot is another superior Louisiana-style hot sauce that is unique but still a great substitute for the Texas Pete Hot Sauce. 

Frank’s Red Hot has all the ingredients that Texas Pete has. But in addition to those, it has garlic powder.

Regarding heat level, Frank’s Red Hot has a SHU of 450, making it another mild-medium hot sauce like Texas Pete. 

And if we talk about consistency, Frank’s Red Hot has a thin and runny consistency, unlike Texas Pete. 

The overall taste is somewhat similar to buffalo sauce. Now although it has quite a few differences from Texas Pete, it’s a fabulous Louisiana-style hot sauce, and you can opt for it when you don’t have Texas Pete. 

Tabasco Original Red Hot Sauce

I’m sure you’ve heard of Tabasco Red Hot Sauce, right? There’s no way we’re skipping Tabasco when picking a Louisiana-style sauce alternative. 

Source: daraz.com.bd

Tabasco has the simple ingredients of a typical Louisiana-style Hot Sauce. However, it’s made with tabasco peppers instead of cayenne peppers, aged for 3 years. 

Tabasco peppers can go up to 30,000 to 50,000 SHU. But when it’s diluted with a vinegar base, it mutes down. Also, it has a lower heat level than the cayenne or jalapeno pepper heat level. 

The heat level differs between various peppers. Like from the comparison between Bird’s Eye chili and jalapeno, we can see that Bird’s eye is about 10 to 20 times hotter than Jalapeno pepper. 

So, Tabasco has a similar low-medium heat level as Texas Pete. But it has a low sodium content (2% of daily intake per serving) compared to Texas Pete and most other Louisiana-style hot sauces. 

Tabasco is a great substitute for your favorite Texas Pete Hot Sauce.

Slap Ya Mama Cajun Pepper Sauce

The Slap Ya Mama Cajun Pepper Sauce is another Louisiana-style Hot Sauce that’s a favorite to many. 

To be honest, Slap Ya Mama has more similarities to Tabasco Hot Sauce. But the basics are the same as Texas Pete. 

Source: linvilla.com

Slap Ya Mama’s ingredients include aged peppers, vinegar, and salts like Texas Pete or any Louisiana-style hot sauce. But it also has garlic and cajun spices, and tabasco pepper is used. 

Now, if you have another hot sauce in your house but want it to taste like the Slap Ya Mama sauce, simply add the cajun spice mix. Adding the cajun mix can make most hot sauces taste like the Slap Ya Mama Cajun Pepper Sauce.

If you’re not sure about which cajun spices to use, here’s a table that I’ve made that lists all the good cajun spice mixes on the market: 

Product Where To Get
Louisiana Cajun SeasoningGrab Now Before It’s Too Late!
Slap Ya Mama All Natural Cajun Seasoning from Louisiana Spice Variety PackGrab Now Before It’s Too Late!
McCormick Gourmet Collection Cajun SeasoningGrab Now Before It’s Too Late!

The heat level of Slap Ya Mama hot sauce is low-medium due to having a SHU ranging from 1000 to 10,000. Don’t worry; it seems like a lot. But actually, it’s a tolerable heat level as it is tabasco pepper.

The overall flavor is quite delicious, and it somewhat tastes like home. So it might be slightly different from Texas Pete, but it’s still a great substitute. 

Final Verdict: Which One to Choose?

The ultimate option of choosing the right hot sauce is your preferences. Let’s face it there is no hot sauce that tastes identical to the Texas Pete Hot Sauce. However, some on the market taste similar. 

Take a look at this table for a glance at all the Texas Pete Hot Sauce substitutes:

Hot SauceFeaturesWhere To Get
Crystal Hot SauceSimilar in most aspects but has a higher sodium levelBuy Now!
Louisiana Hot SauceSimilar heat level but has a distinct taste of vinegarBuy Now!
Frank’s Original Red Hot SauceHas a thinner consistency and tastes like buffalo sauceBuy Now!
Tabasco Original Red Hot SauceHas a distinct taste of tabasco peppersBuy Now!
Slap Ya Mama Cajun Pepper SauceHas a distinct taste of cajun spicesBuy Now!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which one is hotter, Jalapeno pepper or Tabasco pepper?

Between jalapeno pepper and tabasco pepper, tabasco pepper is hotter. The tabasco pepper is 6 to 10 times hotter than an average jalapeno pepper. 

Are Tabasco and Cayenne pepper the same? 

No, Tabasco and Cayenne pepper are not the same. However, both Tabasco and cayenne pepper share a very similar heat profile. That’s why many people may find it similar in taste. 

Can Hot Sauce be left outside? 

Yes, hot sauce can be left outside. It’s not mandatory to refrigerate most hot sauces. It doesn’t get spoiled if kept at room temperature. However, if you want to keep it in the refrigerator, you can do that.

Final Thoughts

Our “Texas Pete Hot Sauce Substitute” discussion has finally ended. 

I’ve tried to provide you with the best alternatives to your beloved Texas Pete Hot Sauce. So hopefully, after reading this article, you’ll be able to pick one that works for you. 

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